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Faith arrived in Sunnydale somewhat out of
the blue. It was discovered that Faith had
been called as a result of the death of

Faith was soon tempted to the dark side
and joined the Mayor in his attacks on the
scooby gang in preparation for his
accenssion on graduation day.

Faith ended up in a coma shortly before the
Mayors accenssion after a fight with Buffy.

Almost a year later faith returned to Sunnydale to take her revenge. After swapping bodies with Buffy by means of an artefact the Mayor had left and then returning to her own body, she took off to Los Angeles.

Whilst there she signed on with Wolfram & Hart to take out Angel. She tortured her former watcher, Wesley. Faith then admitted that she needed help and Angel agreed to be the person that would help her. However Buffy turned up intent on capturing Faith and turning her in.

Faith surprised everybody in the end by giving herself into the Police. She remains in their custody.

Eliza Dushku

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