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first appearance:

Acathla has the power to suck everything into a hell dimension. Angelus attempted to use this power but was stopped by Buffy and Willow. Angel was sucked into the portal to force its closure and remained there for 100 years.


first appearance:
The I in Team

Adam is a mixture of human and various demon parts. An initiative project created by Maggie Walsh, this demon saw the destruction of both Maggie and the Initiative.


first appearance:

Anglelus appeared when Angel experienced true happiness with Buffy.


first appearance:
The Wish

A vengeance demon that first appeared in Sunnydale to aid a vengeful Cordelia Chase against former boyfriend Xander Harris. The wish that Cordelia had granted created an alternate Sunnydale. Giles mangaed to restore normality by destroying Anyankas power surce.


first appearance:
Bad Girls

Balthazar, a weakened demon uses a 15th Century duelist cult called 'The El Eliminati' to find an amulet that will restore him to full strength.


first appearance:
Welcome to the Hellmouth

Darla is the vampire that sired Angelus. She left him when he was cursed by Gypsy's just over 80 years ago.


first appearance:
School Hard

Drusilla arrived in Sunnydale with Spike. Both of them are old friends with Angelus and Darla.

Der Kindestod

first appearance:
Killed by Death

This creature preys only on the very sick and sucks out their life force by extending his eyes outward into the victims skull.


first appearance:

D'Hoffryn is the person responsible for turning Anyanka into a vengeance demon 1120 years ago. He also gives Willow an open invitation should she ever want to become a vengeance demon.


first appearance:
The Dark Age

The creation of Rupert Giles, Ethan Rayne and friends from their youth, the demon arrives in Sunnydale whilst claiming all who bear his mark. After inhabiting Jenny Calendars unconscious body the creature is forced into Angel where Angel's inner demon destroys Eyghon.

Fyarl Demon

first appearance:
A New Man

Usually thugs who serve other demons, although Rupert Giles was turned into a Fyral demon after a night out with old friend Ethan Rayne.

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