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first appearance:
Reptile Boy

Machida is a human/snake hybrid that lives beneath the Delta Zeta Kappa fraternity house. In return for the offering of pretty ladies the fraternity boys get a mountain of riches and stock market tips.

The Master

first appearance:
Welcome to the Hellmouth

The Master is a centuries old vampire trapped underneath Sunnydale for almost 60 years after an Earthquake.


first appearance:
I. Robot... You. Jane

Moloch the Corrupter, a centuries old Demon that was trapped in a book by monks in the Fifteeenth Century was relased when scanned into a computer by Willow Rosenburg.


first appearance:
Graduation Day, Part 2

The demon that Mayor Wilkins turns into on Graduation Day. The explosion created to kill the Demon destroyed Sunnydale High.

Ovo Mavoni

first appearance:
Dead Man's Party

No Information at present.

Polgara Demon

first appearance:
The I in Team

No Information at present.

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