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Oz is the guitarist for the rock band
Dingoes Ate My Baby.

Oz became interested in Willow during
the costume dance held in the bronze
for the foreign exchange students

After finally being able to talk to Willow during
career week and saving her life,
he started to find out about the strange
happenings in Sunnydale and became a
member of the scooby gang.

Oz began dating Willow and during senior year
was bitten by his cousin Jordy who happened to be
a werewolf.

After this time Oz began changing into a werewolf, and although it didn't affect his relationship with Willow for some time, in the first year of college Oz left to seek help controlling the wolf within.

When he returned and by now able to control the wolf, Willow had found somebody else (Tara). This emotional revalation meant that Oz lost control of his emotions and wolfed out whilst in the college.

After talking to Willow, Oz left Sunnydale. His whereabouts still unknown.

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