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Rupert Giles was assigned to be
Buffys watcher when she arrived in

Their first meeting in the library was a
shock to Buffy and when confronted
with a book titled 'VAMPYR' she bolted.

Giles has always been the adult voice of
reason within the group and was even
accused of having too much of a father's love for
Buffy after telling her of a council test.
For that reason he was fired from the
council of watchers only to be reinstated recently.

Giles moved back to England when Buffy died,
and returned for a short time when he learned that
she had been brought back by Willow.

Willows addiction to the Magic's almost cost Giles his life
when he came back after hearing a powerful force had
risen in Sunnydale.
Luckily Xander managed to touch the last shred of humanity in Willow and therfore saving Giles, and the world.

Anthony Stewart Head

by Anthony Stewart Head
& George Sarah

Brett Payne

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